Biometric cards

In the ever-evolving world of technology KL HI-TECH strives to be a market leader by staying up to date with the latest global trends and innovations. Introducing our latest product Biometric Cards, the product allows you to authenticate payments from your Credit or Debit or Pre-Paid card using your own fingerprint through a sensor installed in the card.

In addition to addressing consumers’ demands for convenience and security, biometric payment cards improve in-store payment hygiene and reduce risk of infections at the POS thanks to the truly contact free checkout experience. In addition to the safety of the cards, it also adds a unique and futuristic offering to your customers and clients

Banking Biometric Cards

KL HI-TECH has developed the Biometric Payment card with the support of it's partners to serve the Indian Banking Industry. Operating under the Visa & Mastercard scheme KL HI-TECH has launched the manufacturing and production of their Biometric authenticated Banking Cards.


Multi-Purpose Biometric Cards

KL HI-TECH has also developed the Multi-purpose biometric cards that can be used for a range of different use-cases such as access control, verification for highly secure work places, healthcare industry, pharmacy industry, cryptocurrency wallet access & more.